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Anal cancer

Anal cancer is an uncommon cancer that originates in the anus. The incidence of anal cancer is very low. In America, about 5,000 to 7000 new cases of anal cancer appear each year (4,500 were women and 2,500 were men), each year there are 1,000 people who died of anal cancer. The incidence of anal cancer is 1/100,000, for people with anal sex, the incidence of anal cancer is 35/100,000. The incidence of anal cancer is about one time more common in women than in men.

Anal Cancer

Anal cancer symptoms

Anal cancer signs and symptoms may include:

Although the symptoms may be caused by other diseases, not just anal cancer, but if you develop any of the above symptoms, you should go to your doctor straight away. When you see a doctor, tell your doctor about these signs that bother you, don't omit anything.

Risks and Causes of anal cancer

The exact cause of anal cancer is not known, but some factors are associated with anal cancer. Read about them here.

Anal Cancer Prevention

You can take steps to reduce your risk of anal cancer by making changes in your lifestyle and sexuality erotism. Take steps to:

Anal Cancer Treatment

Anal cancer treatment options depend on the type of anal cancer you have, as well as its stage, size, location, whether cancer cells has spread anywhere else in your body and your overall health.

Chemotherapy uses anti anal cancer drugs (such as take medicine or intravenous injection) to kill anal cancer cells. But chemotherapy can damage your healthy cells, which may induce adverse reactions(side effects), Including nausea, vomiting, feeling sick and fatigue, hair loss and so on.

Radiation therapy uses radioactive ray (such as X-rays and gamma ray) to weaken and destroy cancer cells around anus that may stick around after surgery. Unfortunately the radioactive ray may damage your healthy cells around anus, such as anal sclerosis and shrinking , anal skin redness and pain, etc.

The choice of surgery depend on the stage of anal cancer you have.

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