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Brain tumor

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Brain tumor also called intracranial tumors, brain tumor is a nervous system tumors occurs within the brain.

In the United States, brain tumor has a prevalence of about 10/100,000, brain tumor accounts for approximately 2% of all cancer patients, although the ratio is not high, but patients usually have relatively low survival rate, about 30%. Each year there are 13 thousand people died of a brain tumor in the United States.

There are many different types of brain tumor. Some types of brain tumor are benign, and some types of brain tumor are malignant, which accounted for about 50% respectively.

Brain Tumor formation is divided into two types:
One type is that brain tumors can occur in your brain; Another type is other cancers can occur in other parts of your body, and then metastasis to your brain, eventually forming brain tumors.

Brain tumor Statistics:

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