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Getting breast cancer in one breast, would the other side gets it too?

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Due to the mammary glands (breasts) are paired organs, and both breasts are influenced by endocrine and other carcinogenic factors, thus other side would also suffer from breast cancer if one side have got cancer, the rate of which is 5-7 times of normal people, and this phenomenon is named as bilateral breast cancer in medical term. Bilateral breast cancer can occur simultaneously, the rate of which accounts for 0.2-2% of breast cancer patients; but mostly occur sequentially with time interval of 2 years or more. Therefore, it's important to take periodic check after treatment for breast cancer patients, including contralateral breast examination. Early detection and early treatment, which can help achieve a good result.

It is important to distinguish whether the breast cancer is the second primary breast cancer or transferred from one side once you find regeneration of breast cancer on the other side, because they have to be treated differently. It is necessary to take surgery and postoperative treatment if it is primary breast cancer; it is common to use radiation therapy and chemotherapy and find whether the cancer has transferred to other organs if it is metastatic breast cancer. Pathological examination would help to distinguish whether the breast cancer is primary or secondary in nature.

Distinguishing methods in clinical practice:
Metastatic breast cancer usually has more than one lumps, usually occurring on both sides of soft tissues near center-line and axillary region, with short disease-free interval; while the primary breast cancer usually has a single lump, occurring in the middle of breast with a longer disease-free interval.

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