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After suffering from breast cancer can be pregnant?

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Women be able to have babies after suffering from breast cancer? First of all, childless women with breast cancer paid much attention to the problem. There exist prospects for breast cancer patients have a baby after receiving treatment,this should not be banned completely; Secondly, breast cancer patients have a high rate of recurrence of the tumor and transfered probability within 2-3 years after the onset of breast cancer, especially for breast cancer patients with axillary lymph node metastasis. Breast cancer at high risk of recurrence after 5 years, therefore 5 years later, pregnant can be considered. Breast cancer patient should be seen for follow-up visits once every two months during pregnancy. Once breast cancer recurrence or cancer cells spread to lymphatic, blood, bone, lung, liver, brain, pleura and so on, you should terminate the pregnancy.

Although there is no unified understanding of the relationship between pregnancy and breast cancer, but most of these studies showed that prognosis was not well in breast cancer patients with pregnancy, breast cancer patients with pregnancy have a higher risk of death than breast cancer women who are not pregnant.

You should understand that in the course of chemotherapy, the toxic effects of chemotherapeutic drugs may have a serious impact on your ovarian function, and 30%-50% of breast cancer patients permanently lost ovarian function. Even if the patients with poor ovarian function, the incidence of abortion is higher. If ovarian function is lost, it is impossible to conceive. .

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