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Keep the breast or not? It is not decided by the patient.

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For young and childless females, when they are diagnosed with breast cancer, they not only feel anxious about their life safety, but also more worry about the beauty of their body shape. At this time, breast-conserving surgery has no doubt to be a good news for the patients with breast cancer. However, breast-conserving surgery can not be operated just out of the willingness of the breast cancer patients.

Breast cancer surgery:
Remove the whole breast, axillary lymph nodes or chest muscle

breast cancer surgery

Breast-conserving surgery:

Breast-conserving surgery

Breast-conserving surgery only involves the excision of local breast cancer area and the elimination of axillary lymph nodes. And also, it follows a radiotherapy and chemotherapy process.

Below are the restrictions of breast-conserving surgery for the breast cancer patients:
As for the breast-conserving surgery, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as the tumor size, single tumor or multiple tumors, distance between the lump and the nipple, distance between the lump and the areola and so on.

The goal of conserving the breast is to improve the breast cancer patients’ life quality and maintain their beauty. But more fundamentally, it needs to cooperate with the treatment of breast cancer to guarantee patients’ life safety. If the patient has high standard towards beauty and can not accept that the breast needs to be removed all, she can consider recreating the breast after breast cancer surgery. Breast reconstruction, which also demands the help of orthopedic surgeons, uses tissues from another part of the patient's own body or additional materials outside the body to recreate the breast shape.
Breast Reconstruction

Today, it is not only young females with breast cancer but also elder females who want to operate breast-conserving surgery. However, because the situation of each breast cancer patient differs, the final results are also different. For example, if the distance between the lump and the nipple is less than 1cm, then the breast has to be removed. Therefore, the breast cancer patient should take the doctor’s suggestions into consideration concerned about whether to conserve the breast or not. In this process, the patient should let the doctor make a more valuable choice for the treatment of the breast cancer. After all, without life, beauty has no sense any more.

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