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Breast Cancer Diet

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Malnutrition was the primary cause of breast cancer patient's condition worsens and deaths. Dietary therapy plays an important role in the treatment of breast cancer patients, which can promote postoperative rehabilitation, enhance resistance and the patient's tolerance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Breast cancer patients should change dietary habits to a low-salt, low fat, high protein and high vitamin diet. For protein, it is recommended to eat foods containing high quality protein, such as egg, fish and chicken (removing skin from chicken). the red meat (such as pork, beef, mutton) is not recommended.

For patients after chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the best advice is to try to eat light food, avoid greasy and spicy food, have more meals a day but less food at each. During radiotherapy and chemotherapy intermittent, patients can supplement concentrated high-quality protein.

Dietary guidance for breast cancer patients:

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