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Is taking estrogen related to breast cancer?

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There is a series of symptoms of discomfort with varied degrees before and after menopause in women, which called climacteric syndrome. Hot flashes and sweating are common, or a thermal sensation from the body to face, and suddenly red in the face, followed by slight sweating or sweating profusely from the whole body, their emotion will be instable and irritable, and some women will be worried, nervous, unprovoked upset, confused in mind, suspicious, nagging pessimisticly, insomnia, frequent urination, susceptible to urinary tract infections, heartbeat abnormalities, chronic oral ulcers, bone and muscle pain, etc.

These symptoms suggest the degradation of ovarian secretory function, because most estrogen is produced in the ovaries of women, decreasing of estrogen secretion which protecting health of women’s organs, and the functions of all organs in the body receive certain damage. If you go to see gynecologists, they may advise you to perform the hormone replacement therapy to supply a bit estrogen, and the symptom will be relieved soon. However, there is controversy of pros and cons about estrogen supplementation, most people belive that estrogen is beneficial to protect health of women’s body, to maintain neuroendocrine balance and normal metabolism, and to prevent the occurrence of related diseases.

The problem is, will estrogen cause breast cancer? This problem aroused widespread concern. Because breast cancer is hormone-sensitive tumor, quite a lot of estrogenic drugs contain estrone or produce estrone during metabolism, which may indeed induce canceration of breast cells. However, the currently used estriol will not be transferred into estrone, and provera should be taken at 3 months after estriol supplementation to facilitate endometrial shedding. It must be emphasized that a regular hospital inspection and self-checking of the breast should be performed during estrogen supplementation.

Meanwhile, the following people are not advised to use the estrogen:

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