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Adult women should receive professional examination

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Whether once to give birth, all adult women should go to a professional clinic for breast examination once a year. Ultrasound and X-ray are the most common screening diagnostic approaches for breast cancer, and B ultrasound examination is more suitable for young women under 40 years old. Because young women's breast glands are generally more dense, dense glands may cause some tissues to be blocked under X-ray imaging, which also include tumor tissues, and misdiagnosis of microcarcinoma. On the other hand, X-ray is more suitable for women over the age of 40, especially for some high risk population screening, such as elderly primipara, and subjects who had benign breast lesions, family history of cancer, or who have taken estrogen for a long time. Other commonly used methods for breast examination are CT, mammary ductography, fiberoptic ductoscopy, fine-needle aspiration biopsy and biopsy, etc.. Concrete inspection method should be made by the physician on the basis of the patient’s condition.

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