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Exercises After Breast Cancer Surgery

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Because breast cancer surgery to remove chest muscle, lymph node and skin, which cause limited function of shoulder joint and upper limb edema. Therefore, breast cancer patients will need to do some hands, arm and shoulder exercises to help recover as soon as possible.  You should talk with your doctor about your exercise plans before starting any exercises so as to choose a plan that is suitable for your health condition.

item Attentions for Exercises After Breast Cancer Surgery:

item 24 hours after breast surgery:

item 3 days after breast surgery:
Clenched your fists, gently move your forearm to the upper arm, then try stretching your forearm, repeat 5 to 10 times. Do the exercise 3 to 5 times a day.
Exercises After Breast Cancer Surgery: move your forearm to the upper arm

item 5 to 7 days after breast surgery
Breast cancer patients can sit up, wash face and brush teeth with your surgery-side hand.

item The week after breast surgery:

item Two weeks after surgery:

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