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Habits and customs that reduce your risk of breast cancer

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item Keep Psychological Balance
Bad mood is the activator of cancer cells, and a happy mood is the effective method to prevent breast cancer. Therefore, women should learn emotional self-regulation , and deal with interpersonal relations, family relations and marriage relations as well. Only keep a good mood, is conducive to the psychological balance and physiological balance, in order to build a solid defense for breast cancer.

item Maintain Ideal body Weight
When girls entering puberty should be complemented with nutrients to satisfy their requirements for rapid growth and development, but must control high fat, high sugar food intake, in order to avoid excessive intake of calories caused overweight and obesity. Because fat cells can make estrogen, the amount of estrogen increases as your total number of the fat cells, and excessive estrogen cause extra breast cell growth, which have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. Therefore, women should prevent obesity during pregnancy and after pregnancy. Maintain a healthy weight can reduce breast cancer risk.
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item Regular and Proper Exercise
Proper exercise can reduce your risk of breast cancer. Because regular and proper exercise can remarkably reduce and controls the glucose, blood pressure, hormone levels, these factors can affect how breast cells growth and development. In addition, exercise can consume excess fat in your body so as to effectively control your weight. Your risk of breast cancer increases as your weight.

Amount of exercise:
You'd better do exercises for 30 to 60 minutes every day.

item Child Bearing
Women have children no more than the age of 30 years old. Female pregnancy age should be between 23 and 30 years old. Use a reliable method of contraception to prevent multiple pregnancies. We recommends breast-feeding through the first year, which can reduce your risk of breast cancer. Women don't have children for life is not recommended, which may increase your risk of developing breast cancer.

item Healthy lifestyle
Every woman should cultivate a healthy life style, include regular life, regular sleep, combining work with relaxation, regular mealtimes, dietary balance, eat less animal fat and fried food, eat more fruits and vegetables, give up smoking and drinking, often take part in entertainments and sports.

item Have a normal sex life
Regular sexual life, not only can bring their own physical and mental pleasure, enhance feelings of husband and wife, but also help to reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

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