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Breast Cancer Prevention

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The threatening situation of high incidence of breast cancer not only endangers women's lives, but also destroys women's self-esteem. Breast cancer is a common malignant tumor, and its age of onset is becoming younger and younger. Actually, breast cancer is one of the most preventable cancers: It is impossible for a human cell to change from normal to cancerous. There is definitely a gradual process from quantitative to qualitative changes, which may be 5-10 years. If it can be found in the embryonic state of cancer cells, people may resume a normal everyday life by a small operation. The cure rate of early breast cancer is above 90%, while in patients with advanced breast cancer, most of them not only lost their beautiful breasts, but also lost their precious lives. Therefore, the sooner you prevent breast cancer, the better it will be. So what preparations should be made to prevent breast cancer?

item Monthly breast self-examination
It's strongly recommended that the women of all ages should perform breast self examination on the same day of each month. The best time to perform breast self examination is between 5th and 10th day after your periods. Since the average age of patients with breast cancer is declining, women should begin their self-examination at the age of 20. read more...

item Adult women should receive professional examination
Whether once to give birth, all adult women should go to a professional clinic for breast examination once a year. Ultrasound and X-ray are the most common screening diagnostic approaches for breast cancer, and B ultrasound examination is more suitable for young women under 40 years old, read more...

item Breast examination methods

item Habits and customs that reduce your risk of breast cancer

item Women susceptible to breast cancer
What kind of women are more susceptible to breast cancer and what factors are breast cancer closely related to in life?

item Women Should Attach Importance to Breast Lumps That Don’t Cause Pain or Itch
In outpatient service, it's very common to hear breast cancer patients' following words: I have known for a long time that I have breast lumps. However, as they never caused any pain or itch, I didn't go to hospital for health examination.

item Diet for Breast Cancer Prevention
Your eating habits may affect your risk of breast cancer, a healthy diet will help keep your risk for breast cancer as low as possible. We recommends the following dietary changes to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer:

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