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Breast prosthesis and Breast reconstruction

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After breast resection, some women decide to put on breast prosthesis, while some prefer to undergo breast reconstruction while receiving the resection or later. Each planning or decision has its own advantages and disadvantages. Having a talk with an orthopedic surgeon before surgery may be useful, but it is also okay to undergo breast reconstruction after a few years.

item Breast reconstruction
Breast reconstruction can be performed in a variety of ways, such as by means of artificial transplantation or transplantation of cell tissue from other parts of the body. You should discuss with surgeons over the advantages and disadvantages of various breast reconstructive procedures.

item Breast prosthesis

Breast prosthesis
In addition to beauty, breast prosthesis, from the medical point of view, need to be a good breast model. Otherwise, when breast prosthesis are not good-looking or you are not used to them, you tend to bend your shoulders to cover them up, and wrong postures will eventually lead to spine problems, inappropriate clothes, and poor figure. Second, the weight of the breasts is different from that in the past, and your body will be out of balance, which can also result in spinal curvature problem. If your left breast is left, your heart will be oppressed and your body will be imbalanced. Therefore, it is important that your breast prosthesis must be beautiful, and must be of the same size and weight as your own breast.

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