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Breast Cancer and Psychological Restoration

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Breasts are one of the signs of beauty of women and having healthy and upright breasts is the pride of mature women.

Breast cancer patients face the problem of breast resection, which will bring breast cancer patients with certain physical and psychological harm. Breast resection causes breast cancer patients to feel that they are no longer perfect, and the physical defect will affect the psychological state of breast cancer patients. Women regard their breasts more important than the other organs of the body, and even some women say that they would rather lack arms and legs than have their breasts resected. Some patients will feel inferior, thinking that they are no longer women, and some will classify themselves as patients after they suffer from cancer and no longer exercise the function of normal people, depressed and unhappy from then on.

Some breast cancer patients need to face the side effects arising from chemotherapy and radiotherapy, such as liver, kidney, hematopoietic function injuries, hair loss, reduced proteins, physical weakness, and even death. Therefore, cancer will affect people’s lives and make people feel the impermanence and uncontrollability of life, bringing a sense of powerlessness and helplessness. Breast cancer can make people feel depressed, anxious, change their cognition and life styles as well as the fear of death, bothering them all the time.

Therefore, breast cancer patients will develop different psychological problems during different stages and different the severity of the disease. We have tried to discuss a few cases on how to minimize the impact of cancer on life, how to continue their life and how to help them get out of trouble after cancer so as to continue to integrate into the society.

Psychological Adjustment After Breast Cancer Surgery
The loss of breasts is a sad experience for a woman with breast cancer. They not only have to face the way they look after the recovery of their bodies, but also worry about the loss of sexual attraction and can not accept the dramatic changes in the shape of their bodies ...  read more...

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