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Structure of Breast and Lymph Nodes

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Women's breast is made up of mammary gland, fatty tissue and other muscle tissue. For women, how to conserve breast is the primary problem, such as the prevention of a variety of breast diseases, timely examination of the breast and so on, these are important links.

Formation of the breast
From the beginning of puberty, breast size is directly related with genetic and nutritional level. Estrogen level is the decisive factor of breast shape. The estrogen can stimulate the breast ductal (milk ducts) and connective tissue hyperplasia, form the areola, and promote fat deposition in the breast, to make the breasts plump and round.

Structure of Breast

Structure of Breast

  1. Pecloralis muscles
  2. Fatty tissue: Fatty tissue wraps the whole mammary tissue,If adipose (fatty) tissue layer is thick, the breast is big, otherwise it will be smaller.
  3. Tiny milk ducts
  4. Milk ducts
  5. Lactiferous sinuses: The milk ducts is relatively narrow in the nipple, there is a section of the milk ducts is wide-diameter ducts, it's called lactiferous sinuses, it has the function of storing milk.
  6. Nipple
  7. Lobules
  8. Lobes
  9. Ribs

Lymph nodes around the breast:

Lymph nodes around the breast

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