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How to use breast prosthesis properly

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Breast reconstruction surgery is not widely developed, and not everyone is suited for this surgery. Therefore, breast prosthesis is breast cancer patients’ ideal choice for making up for physical defects and improve appearance after surgery. Breast prosthesis is not just for the beauty of body, but what’s more, it can eliminate post-mastectomy breast imbalance induced symptoms such as spine bending, unleveled shoulder, muscle atrophy, shoulder muscle soreness and so on.

It is important to choose suitable breast prosthesis, and we can follow these 3 steps below:

item Step one : Choose a suitable bra
Breast prosthesis need to be used by placing in the bra, the chosen bra should be comfortable. If the bra has the steel ring, it may cause sensitivity of skin wound, and it could damage the breast prosthesis to some extent.

item Step two: Choose a suitable breast prosthesis
The functions of breast prosthesis are maintaining weight and restore curve appearance, thus different types of breast prosthesis have different weight and diverse effect after wearing. The breast prosthesis should be chosen based on different surgical site and the bust.

item Step three: Try-in
The wearing of breast prosthesis must be guided with skilled professionals, and silicone breast prosthesis with weight can be wore after wound is healed (generally 4-6 weeks after surgery). Breast cancer patients should better wear tight tops when try-in breast prosthesis, in order to observe the effect of wearing.

After surgery, some patients used other things to replace breast prosthesis, but this is not sure to benefit health. For instance, some patients filled bra with sponge to maintain body appearance, but the body balance cannot be maintained due to the extremely light weight of the sponge.

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