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Women Susceptible to Breast Cancer

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Breasts endow a woman with unique beauty, as well as the joy and pride of nurturing her children as a mother. However, they will also bring disasters to a woman. In the United States, breast cancer is recognized as one of the common malignant tumors in women. What kind of women are more susceptible to breast cancer and what factors are breast cancer closely related to in life?

item Urban white-collar workers are susceptible to breast cancer
The incidence of breast cancer in U.S. is about 12% currently, and it is also the second leading cause of death in women after lung cancer. However, the incidence of breast cancer has reached to nearly 1/3 in major cities where lifestyles are changing quickly. Factors leading to the high incidence of breast cancer in cities include changes in dietary structures, heavy burden on urban women, and fast-paced life rhythms.

Because of these factors, women easily develop tension, loneliness and depression, sadness, frustration, disappointment, anxiety and other emotions, and are affected by them for a long time. Life rhythm disorders, and nervous and endocrine system dysfunction occur in them, leading to imbalance in their internal environment. Therefore, the amount of thymosin generated and released within the thymus is reduced, and the monitoring and phagocytic capacity of lymphocytes and macrophages on the mutant (cancer) cells in vivo is decreased, leading to proneness to breast cancer.

item Fashion women on the blacklist of breast cancer
The occurrence of breast cancer is closely related to bad habits. Some women regard smoking and drinking as a fashion, and they go to nightclubs or dance halls to immerse themselves all through the night; some like to eat fried foods (such as french fries, fried chicken, etc.) and a variety of sweet food, while they never eat coarse grains or vegetables and fruits; some remain single or do not get married until after 30 years of age, and they do not want to breastfeed after giving birth for fear of losing their youthful style; and some wear too tight or too loose bras, thus losing the protection of breasts. All such kinds of bad habits and behavior will send them on the blacklist of breast cancer without their knowledge. Besides, the excessive consumption of butter, fried fast food and other high-fat diets will change the endocrine environment in women, thereby increasing the risk of breast cancer in them. Dietary changes increase the incidence of breast cancer in urban women rapidly and more younger women are victimized.

item Excessive pursuit of beauty increases the risk of breast cancer
Some say that beautiful women are at a higher risk of breast cancer because their estrogen level is high, and a high level of estrogen is an important factor for breast cancer. Experts believe that such a rumor has no scientific basis. The incidence of breast cancer is not necessarily related to beauty, but it is closely associated with the estrogen level indeed.

Nowadays, some women start taking estrogen or estrogen supplements after they are over 30 in order to retain a beautiful face; educated women, professional women and wealthy women often use cosmetics that contain estrogen so as to achieve cosmetic results. The number of visiting patients who develop breast cancer due to improper use of estrogen is not small. Studies have confirmed that breast cancer is also sensitive to estrogen, and that estrogen can induce breast cancer. Epidemiological surveys also show that the use of estrogen for over 10 years will increase the incidence of breast cancer. Therefore, if woman patients need to use estrogen when necessary, they should use it properly and in an appropriate dose under the guidance of doctors. We do not advocate the blind use of estrogen for other purposes.

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