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Kidney cancer (renal cancer)

In the United States, kidney cancer (renal cancer) accounts for about 3% to 5% of malignant tumors. There are over 60, 000 newly increasing patients of kidney cancer and about 10,000 patients died of kidney cancer every year. Male are more than female (2:1), aged from 50 to 75 are more.

Signs and Symptoms of Kidney cancer

Many people don't have any obvious symptoms of kidney cancer in its early stages until the cancer has become quite advanced. Signs and symptoms of kidney cancer in advanced stages may include:

Causes and Risk Factors of Kidney Cancer

Although the precise causes of kidney cancer are unclear, But in some cases, the cause is known. For example, Family history, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure may cause kidney cancer.

How to Prevent Kidney Cancer:

Although you cannot control some risk factors that may increase your risk of developing kidney cancer (such as heredity, grow old), but you can make personal choices that lower your risk of kidney cancer.

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