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Bad mood will worsen diabetes control

Bad mood can lead to severe fluctuations in blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes. The following three kinds of emotions, will lead to aggravate the development of the diabetes, diabetic patients must pay attention to their emotions.

  1. Envy
    With the development of electronic products, some people are busy making money, some people indulge in electronic products, the communication between people is less and less. So people's temper is getting worse and worse, people get more jealous than in the past. Long periods of jealousy can lead to more disease, such as heart disease and diabetes.

  2. Depression
    Now, people with depression are increasing, such as mental pressure, work pressure and unhappy life are likely to cause depression. Normal people suffer from depression will also produce a lot of unhealthy psychological, then the diabetes patients suffering from depression,this will aggravate the condition. If diabetic patients find themselves suffering from depression should be treated actively.

  3. Negative emotion
    In real life, some negative emotions can't be avoided. When we encounter unhappy things, it is easy to anger. The study found that about 30% to 50% of patients with diabetes have mental disorders.
    Diabetic patients with depression and bad-tempered not only poor blood glucose control, but also more chronic complications. For people who are often angry, not only easy to make blood sugar and blood pressure rise, but also induce other diseases.

if you have the above, be sure to adjust your mood, if adjustment effect is not good, it is recommended to find a psychological doctor.

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