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Blood Viscosity Reaching the Standard

Diabetic patient should also pay attention to the problem of elevation of blood viscosity, and this situation is very common. High blood viscosity is very harmful for diabetic patients, which can induce insufficient blood supply, blood vascular damage, local hypoxia ischemia and acidosis, and eventually causes occurrences and developments of diabetic macrovascular, microvascular and neurological complications.

What we should do if the diabetic patients have high blood viscosity?

First, we should adjust eating habits, and eat more coarse grains and vegetables. Diabetic patients can eat fruit if blood sugar is normal; eat more food that can lower blood viscosity, such as garlic, onion, eggplant, vinegar and so on. In conclusion, we should keep diet principle of light, low fat and low sugar, and eat more fish, vegetable, garlic and so on; eat less animal organs and animal fat, as well as fried food. Sweets, meat and greasy food should be avoided at dinner. Light food especially vegetarian food is recommended, and both coarse grains and wheat flour should be eaten.

Second, as for Type 2 diabetic patients, as well as type1 diabetic patients should take some anticoagulant drugs in old ages, such as male diabetic patients over 50 and female diabetic patient over 60. The most common drug is Aspirin. I recommended that those patients mentioned above should take 100mg every night, which is helpful for the dilution of blood viscosity, and can decrease vascular occlusion. Why at night? It is because that the blood viscosity is the highest at night, so it is most easily to cause blood vascular occlusion. When we take Aspirin at night, the blood viscosity will not be too sticky at night, and it is less likely to cause blood occlusion in the morning. Some patients cannot take Aspirin, and other alternative medicine (such as Fufang Danshen, Compound Chuanxiong) can be considered.

Finally, patients with hyperviscosity (High blood viscosity) should take appropriate exercises to enhance heart and lung function, and lower blood viscosity. Patients with hyperviscosity (High blood viscosity) should also quit smoking, because smoking can cause vasoconstriction and elevation of blood viscosity. If the problem of hyper-viscosity still exists even those measurements are applied, patients should take medication therapy. Blood sugar, blood pressure and blood lipid should be firstly lowered, and that can be beneficial to lower blood viscosity. Meanwhile, blood viscosity lowering drugs can also be used to keep blood viscosity at a normal level.

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