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Diabetes and Bone and Joint Disease

Diabetes patients usually attach great importance to the heart, kidneys, and other organs, but also cannot ignore the bones and joints. The non-infective destruction of bone and joint caused by neuropathy is referred to as neuroarthropathy (neuropathic joint disease), which often occurs in diabetes patients aged 50-59 years old or older. Therefore, elderly patients with diabetes should take strict precautions against the occurrence of such disease.

DNOAP (Diabetic neuropathic osteoarthropathy) and DPN (diabetic peripheral neuropathy) are closely correlated. DPN can cause the feeling of diabetes patients to be reduced or disappeared, accompanied with the disorder in the joint movement reflex control, pain sensation in the patient will be weakened or completely disappeared. A little bit of action will make a sound of the joint if the foot of ankle swelling, which will be extremely dangerous. And usually, diabetes patients will find that the ankle joint has been broken in the course of examination.

Due to the lack of insulin, diabetes patients often have hepatic osteodystrophy and renal lesions, resulting in reduced activity of vitamin D and calcium malabsorption. The lack of calcium can lead to the occurrence of bone hyperplasia in these diabetes patients.

Generally, main symptoms of osteoarthritis include soreness of waist, backache, painless swelling in extremities joints, local fever, tenderness or painless fracture, joint laxity or subluxation. Spinal hyperosteogeny has a very high incidence rate in the elderly patients with diabetes, and often accompanies with low back pain and limb pain, diabetes patients may also suffer from spinal stiffness and limitation in mobility.

Diabetes patients should pay much attention to the prevention of bone and joint disease, meanwhile, it should be noted particularly that the disease most happens in the foot, even in both feet sometimes.

How to prevent diabetic bone and joint disease?

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