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Diabetes and Cerebral Vascular Disease

Cerebrovascular disease is not unique to patients with diabetes, but diabetes, especially poorly controlled diabetes is one of the important causes for cerebrovascular disease. A diabetic patient’s probability of getting cerebrovascular disease is 3 times higher than a non-diabetic. The diabetes patient’s incidence of getting cerebral infarction is increased due to the presence of hypertension (high blood pressure), sclerosis of the cerebral vascular , damage of the vascular wall , decrease of erythrocyte deformability and increase of blood viscosity. In addition, cerebral hemorrhage caused by cerebrovascular rupture is not much higher than non-diabetes.

How to prevent the disease? This is basically the same as preventions taken by ordinary people, but diabetic patients should be more active, including following aspects specifically.

Early detection and effective control of diabetes to delay the occurrence and development of diabetic cerebrovascular disease. For diabetes patients, they should not only control the blood sugar, but also maintain the stability of blood sugar in order to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, which require diabetes patients to monitor blood pressure and blood glucose every day, check blood lipids and glycosylated hemoglobin, and check diabetes-related complications regularly for the early detection of vascular disease, so as to take effective treatment measures; in the meantime, treat dyslipidemia (abnormal blood lipid level), high blood pressure and so on actively, all of these will help to prevent and delay the occurrence of cerebrovascular disease.

Lower blood pressure effectively and adjust blood lipids. High blood pressure and dyslipidemia (abnormal blood lipid level) are one of the important causes of diabetic cerebrovascular disease, which must be treated seriously. Diabetes patients should pay attention to the control of blood pressure and blood sugar usually, pay close attention to its development in order to formulate countermeasures.

Taking vasoactive drugs and thrombolytic drugs to reduce blood viscosity. For example, long-term use of small doses of aspirin can reduce the incidence of stroke by 30%.

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