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Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Diabetic ketoacidosis is a serious complication of diabetes and the main cause of death before the application of insulin. Its mortality is greatly reduced after the introduction of insulin, accounting for only 1% of diabetic mortality. When diabetic ketoacidosis occurs, patients’ blood glucose levels are mostly 300 to 600 mg/dL (16.7 to 33.3mol/L).

With the aggravation of diabetes, diabetic insulin in diabetic patients is in a serious lack, while the bodies need energy. Then what to do with it? The answer is that fat is used, which will produce some waste, namely the ketone body. Ketone bodies are acidic, and they will lead to ketoacidosis if their concentration is too high called diabetic ketoacidosis. Such an acute complication accounts for 80% of all acute complications. Such a complication is most likely to occur especially in those who do not inject insulin regularly.

If a people with diabetes develops diabetic ketoacidosis while cannot be sent to hospital for treatment at once, the following first aid measures can be taken:

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