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Dietary Treatment of Diabetes

Dietary treatment of diabetes mellitus is necessary for any diabetic with any type of diabetes at any time. Some patients may not need medications, and several patients may be unable to exercise, but for each patient, without dietary treatment means no satisfactory control of diabetes mellitus. All diabetics are facing varying degrees of decline in the synthesis and secretion of insulin. Too much energy intake may cause a huge increase of postprandial blood glucose, which damages health. Moreover, improper diet and excessive intake of energy may also result in increasing of diabetic’s blood pressure and weight, which is harmful to them.

One patient complained to me about her situation. She is a 50-year-old newly diagnosed diabetic, who does not dare eat anything. I told her that the meal is a must, and that diabetes can be controlled as long as sticking to a reasonable recipe. How should diabetic formulate their diet? In my opinion, the key is to really understand the principle of diabetic diets, and make specific arrangements based on age, blood sugar, complications and other specific circumstances. For diabetic’s convenience, I summarized the following straight forward prescription principles of diabetic diet:

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