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Emergency measures when hypoglycemia occurs

When diabetic patients suffer from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), they should drink glucose water at once, or drink such sugary drinks as a cup of Sprite, cola and fruit juice. They can also eat a few fruit candies, milk candies and chocolate, etc. That is to say, they can eat any sweet food. However, they must note that they can’t use low-calorie beverages or sweetening foods to treat hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). If symptoms are not improved 5 minutes after they take sugars, they should eat more sugars immediately. If symptoms are not improved within 10 minutes, diabetic patients should be sent to hospitals at once without hesitation. When patients are in a coma, feeding to patients should be avoided so as not to suffocate them.

When diabetic patients with early hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) only manifest sweating, palpitation, fatigue, hunger and other symptoms and are in a clear mind, they can be given sugar water, or eat more sugary biscuits or snacks.

If patients are in a coma due to too low blood sugar, what others should do include:

  1. Do not help diabetic patients to inject insulin.
  2. Do not force food or liquid into mouths of patients.
  3. Do not put hands into mouths of diabetic patients.
  4. Keep their airways patent.
  5. Inject glucagon.
  6. Make an emergency call at 911 for help.

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