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How to exercise for elderly diabetic patients?

The elderly patients with diabetes must also take part in physical exercise, and should stick to the principles of be persistent and practical, which may be beneficial for the reduction of blood glucose level and blood viscosity degree, the normalization of lipids, weight loss and physical fitness enhancement, and also good for the improvement of mood and fully enjoyment of the beautiful golden-age. However the old age of the elderly, some problems must be paid attention to during the course of physical exercise:

A detailed and comprehensive examination should be performed before physical exercise, the elderly diabetic patients should fully understand the extent of their diabetes and relevant complications, so as to select the most appropriate mode of motion, time and intensity of movement.

Excessive intense exercise should be avoided, exercise with the possibility of a sharp rise in blood pressure or cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident should also be avoided, such as violent antagonism movement, ladder climbing, overexerted movement and inverted movement, etc..

Make sure moderate exercise, one must not become delirious with joy, enough is enough, and be sure to avoid excessive exercise that may have any impact on health.

Be good at protecting skin and bones in sports since the bone of the elderly diabetic patients is relatively fragile.

Pay attention to the safety of individuals during the course of exercise, for example, check that whether the clothes you wear are suitable or not, wear too much is easy to heat up and prone to sweating, which in turn may be susceptible to cold, and it is bad for diabetes patient to catch a cold. However, dress too little may be cold, which is also easy to cause harm to the body. In addition, shoes should also be suitable, tight shoes will blister the feet, whereas loose shoes are easy to drop and cause trip and fall and further get hurt. We even ask elderly diabetic patients to see if there is a foreign body in the shoes before exercise, because diabetic patients have a little neuropathy, and the feeling is not very sensitive, they may have no feeling when a small stone feel on the shoes, which, however, is easy to blister the feet and also very detrimental to the body, which can cause diabetic foot easily.

Actually, exercise is to achieve a good goal, do not pursue too much to achieve the goal at the expense of causing damage to the body, it won’t be good.

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