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Diabetes and Hat

Diabetes patients with cold will inevitably cause cerebral vasoconstriction, leading to the symptoms of dizziness and headache, and even have an accident. Diabetes patients should pay attention to keep warm in cold season. The head of human being is the location of the nerve center of the brain. Although the head skin is thin, blood vessels and hairs are numerous and thick. Therefore, body heat in a large amount is evaporated from the head frequently. Studies have shown that approximately 1/3 of heat is emitted from the head when the temperature is about 15°C; Approximately 1/2 of heat is emitted from the head when the temperature is about 4°C; Approximately 3/4 of heat is emitted from the head when the temperature is 10 degrees below zero. Thus it can be seen that the head is closely correlated with the heat balance in human body. If a man only wears heavy clothes, and not wearing a hat, it’s like a hot water bottle without a lid. The heat will flow outward continuously. Wear a hat in the cold winter can not only keep warm, but also avoid cold, cough, headache, facial paralysis and other diabetic complications. The material of hat in winter can be wool, woolen or hat in the down jacket. Texture should be thicker, and thus the warm effect will be good.

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