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Can Housework Replace Exercise?

Some people with diabetes are not willing to do physical exercise, for they think their activities in the whole day are already full enough, such as washing clothes, cooking and taking care of two children. So they reckon that there is no need to do sports. Such thought is not correct, and this practice is not good for your physical health.

The housework is quite tedious and tiring, but actually the calories consumed in the housework are very small in volume and such activities only pertain to a kind of light manual labor. Although better than no activity, few people lose weight by housework. Therefore, housework cannot replace exercise. Especially for the patients with diabetes, they must schedule separate time to do exercise.

Of course, one may combine housework with exercise, such as carrying baby strollers for long walks, watching children playing while doing exercise and running, playing balls and games together with bigger kids etc. By the way, I need to mention that some people better fit for doing housework. Especially for patients with diabetes, if they feel happy, competent and relaxed in doing housework, such housework is beneficial for health. On the contrary, if the housework is too heavy and make patients with diabetes suffer from mental and physical strains, such housework is harmful rather than beneficial to their physical health.

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