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How to Inject Diabetes Patients Themselves with Insulin?

Many diabetes patients are afraid of injections, which is normal since injection does have some pain, and some diabetes patients are afraid even more when they come to know that will long-term injection of insulin will lead to skin induration and fat atrophy. Actually, excessive pain, skin induration and fat atrophy can be avoided if diabetes patients can correctly grasp the injection method.

item Insulin injection

Generally, regular insulin will be working 30 minutes after injection, therefore, insulin should be injected 30 minutes before the meal, and to ensure that the patient can eat after 30 minutes. The best way is to inject insulin after the preparation of food, so as to avoid the occurrence of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

item Selection of Insulin Injection site

For diabetes patients, it is important to choose a suitable injection site. Under normal circumstances, the choice of the abdomen is the most ideal (areas 4 cm around the navel can not be injected), and different types of insulin should be injected in different parts of the site: the chief injection site for short-acting insulin or rapid-acting insulin analogue is abdomen, which is conducive to rapid absorption and quick reduction of postprandial blood glucose; injection sites for medium-acting and long-acting insulin or long-acting insulin analogues can be the thighs and hips, which may helpful for the reduction of the absorption rate and the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) at night, of course, they can also be injected in the abdomen. Have a plan to take turns to replace the injection site, so as to avoid the repeated injection in one place to cause induration.

Insulin Injection Sites:

Insulin Injection Sites

the absorption rate of Insulin: abdomen > upper arm > thighs > buttocks

Replace the injection site:

Pay attention that the outer layer of the skin of the human body is the epidermis, the dermis, and then to the subcutaneous tissue (strata subcutaneum), and then the muscles, and insulin needs to be injected into the subcutaneous layer. Muscular layer has rich blood vessels, which may result in a rapid insulin absorption and easy to cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), in this regard, the best choice of ultra-fine and ultra short needle in the course of insulin injection in the thighs and arms since it is easily to be injected into the muscles of the site.

Insulin Injection Location:
Insulin Injection Location: Skin structure

item Correct disinfection

Diabetes patients have poor resistance, there is great risk to cause local infection if not properly disinfected, and it is difficult to heal. Iodophor and iodine or alcohol should be used to disinfect the injection site in the course of insulin injection, and alcohol disinfection can be directly used when the patient had previous history of iodine hypersensitivity. The needle of the insulin pen must be disposable, repeated usage can cause local infection and pain, etc., and even lead to needle breakage in the body of diabetes patients, thus resulting in unnecessary trouble and pain.

item Mastering skills

Insulin should be injected subcutaneously, there is a need to pinch the skin before injection as for thinner diabetes patients, children and elderly patients with diabetes, since the injection angle will be reduced appropriately in such way, the syringe and the skin should be maintained at a 45-degree angle. Because the needle of the insulin pen is relatively short, insulin can be injected in a vertical insertion approach after pinching the skin for fat diabetes patients. Insulin injection time cannot be too long in the same part of the site, in about 2 weeks generally. Furthermore, avoid repeated injection of the same part of the same site, there should be an interval of 1cm with the adjacent injection site to avoid subcutaneous fat dystrophy and further affect the absorption of insulin.

Needle Length and Insulin Injection angle:

Needle Length and Insulin Injection angle

Some tips related to insulin injection are listed as follows:

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