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Diabetes patients need to pay attention to personal hygiene

Due to the body's metabolic disorder, weak constitution and poor resistance, diabetes patients are very easy to complicate with a variety of acute and chronic infection, and once infected, it is not only difficult to be treated, but also to make the disease worse. With respect to the above, diabetes patients need to pay attention to personal hygiene and to prevent infection.

Diabetic patients should bathe and change clothing on a regular basis, keep the skin clean and prevent suppurative infections in the skin. Female skincare cosmetic products may also cause infection. Male diabetes patients should be careful while shaving to avoid infection caused by breaking the skin.

Pay attention to oral hygiene. Diabetic patients are more likely to develop periodontal disease and oral fungal infection, so it is critical to maintain oral hygiene. Diabetic patients are encouraged to brush and floss teeth on a regular basis, for example, before going bed, in the morning, and after meals.

Patients with diabetes are prone to complicate with urinary tract infection, especially in women, so it is important to keep the vulva clean, it will be best to shave off the pubic hair, timely local cleaning will be better to keep clean after the toilet and after sexual life, all of which have certain effect on the prevention of urinary tract infection.

Pay attention to the foot health. Arteriosclerosis are easily to be occurred early in patients with diabetes. The incidence of foot gangrene is 17 times higher than non-diabetic patients. Even minor injuries cause foot infection and gangrene, and accompany the risk of amputation. Therefore, foot care is very important for every patient with diabetes.

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