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How to Prevent Diabetic Skin Disease?

When normal people suffer from diabetes, 50% of these diabetes patients will show different skin lesions. In the following part I will tell you how to prevent these skin diseases.

Skin cleaning
Diabetic patients need to clean their skin every day, especially the face, under your arms, feet, between your toes, and the vulva. While washing the face, try to choose facial cleansers and facial cleansers of a mild nature and wash your face softly, and the water temperature should not be too high. Diabetes patients do not have to take a bath every day, 3 to 4 times a week in summer and 2 or 3 times in winter will be OK. Prolonged bathing or use of irritating cleansers should be avoided.

Reasonable skin moistening
Diabetes patients have low immunity and their skin may get dry easily, so they should pay attention to skin moistening every time after cleaning, such as the use of skin care products with strong moisturizing effects that contain vaseline and silicone oil, etc. at 1 or 2 times a day.

Pay attention to red spots or dry on your skin, if you have persistent dry skin or red spots, then, as soon as possible to the hospital for a check-up.

Try to wear cotton clothing everyday
Cotton clothing is less stimulating, and diabetes patients should try not to wear wool clothing, or the wool clothing should not contact with the skin directly (wearing a cotton backing clothes under wool clothing). Wear different clothes frequently and keep the sheets dry and clean, and women patients with diabetes should not wear chemical fiber underwear.

Diabetes Patients with mild itching should strengthening skin moistening, and diabetes patients with unbearable itching should not endure it without doing anything
For itching caused by dry skin, diabetes patients can strengthen skin moistening so as to relieve itching, diabetes patients with local itching can use topical antipruritic drugs, and diabetes patients with serious itching or a wide range of itching can take antihistamines under the guidance of doctors. Do not hold on for fear of such ignorant ideas as side effects of drugs, and not timely treatment may cause skin ulceration further.

Keep a good mood
Such emotions as emotional irritability, huge stress, irascibility, anxiety and excitement are harmful to the skin. Diabetes Patients should maintain a good mood, take outdoor walks more, develop some good hobbies and interests in spare time and cultivate sentiments,which is conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease.

Diet control
Hot food, such as fried, spicy, finished food and alcohol, should be banned. Diabetes patients should usually drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables and keep their skin moist.

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