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Psychological Problems Caused by Diabetes

Mr Green has diabetes for more than ten years and been maintained by the drug maintenance therapy. The long-term illness has depressed him gradually. Not long ago, he even tried to commit suicide with an overdose of sleeping pills. Fortunately, he was found by his family in time and was taken to the hospital for treatment. He was diagnosed as diabetes complicated by depression by the doctor.

Diabetes is a kind of physical and mental illness. According to scientific research, psychological and social factors play important roles in the occurrence of the diabetes and the control of blood glucose levels. Depression and anxiety are the most important psychological problems in patients with diabetes. There are two main reasons, first, patients with diabetes need to be subjected to a lifetime of the disease, repeated blood glucose detection, long-term insulin injections, food restrictions, severe complications caused long-term stress, prone to negative emotions; Second, depression, anxiety and other negative emotions can cause an obvious increase in the secretion of some stress hormones, and these are hormones responsible for the rise of blood glucose, but also hormone inhibit insulin secretion. A large number of long-term release of these hormones is bound to cause endocrine disorders, resulting in high blood glucose, thereby causing the diabetes get worse. Therefore, patients with diabetes not only have to control the blood glucose and its complications, but also to adjust the psychological balance and to overcome the negative emotions.

The psychological treatment of patients with diabetes can be started from the following aspects:

Patients with diabetes and their families should have a correct understanding of diabetes, to understand the dangers of diabetes and the necessity of diabetes treatment better, so as to prevent and cure relevant psychological problems actively caused by diabetes.

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