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Regular Life for Diabetes

Diet control and physical exercise are the best methods to control blood glucose, plus a regular life, which will undoubtedly make diabetic patients enjoy their life. Although it can be simply described, there are a lot of diabetic patients who cannot do it. With respect to this, what are the aspects of regular life?

At present, there are a large portion of diabetic patients at the peak of their career, from the morning till the evening, shapeless void filled with nothing but that which work must be done, disorder daily life, and even sacrifice sleep to work overtime. On the other hand, they usually sleep until noon or the afternoon when taking rests.

The strong desire to advance in their career is completely understandable, however, diabetic patients should know what kind of position they are in when suffering from diabetes. Although diabetes does not cause death immediately, diabetic patients must have a regular life when they want to live a little longer.

Why? The reason for this is simple, diabetic patients need to struggle with diabetes constantly, irregular life, such as stay in bed and sleep late, as well as irregular diet, can all cause the rise or fluctuation of blood glucose and further induce health crisis. Irregular life will lead to a variety of hormone secretion disorders in the body, and it is here that a variety of hormonal regulation of various physiological metabolism, in addition to fluctuations in blood sugar, will increase the blood pressure and blood lipid abnormalities. It should be remembered that irregular or insufficient sleep can both aggravate diabetic patients’ body metabolism and endocrine function abnormalities, resulting in poor blood glucose control. The body's blood glucose is most likely to increase from 4 a. m. to 9 a. m. Blood glucose levels will be disordered without a regular wake-up time, taking hypoglycemic drugs, or eating. Especially for diabetic patients who need to be injected with insulin every night, irregular food intake due to stay in bed late is likely to result in a serious risk of hypoglycemia in diabetic patients’ sleep, and even coma but nobody knows, which is quite dangerous.

Therefore, the establishment of a good and regular life system benefits a lot for the control of blood glucose. I recommend that diabetic patients should go to bed before 10 pm and get up between 6 am and 8 am the next day; additionally, injection of insulin, taking hypoglycemic drugs and eating should be regularly carried out.

In addition, diabetic patients should pay attention to a few details:
Firstly, the length of time of work and study should be moderate and balanced, urgent work and study should be better to be avoided by the diabetic patients. As for three meals each day, food intake, time for extra meal, the amount of food to take, distribution of three meals everyday all should be arranged and kept regularly. The so-called irregular life displays frequently on food intake, which is extremely important, there are so many diabetic patients who eat a few more bites because of gluttonous or delay the time of eating because of busy working schedule, all of these habits may lead to disaster.

Diabetic patients must ensure sufficient sleep, which has a certain effect on the decline in blood glucose. Taking a nap for half an hour to an hour is also very valuable. Both pediluvium and baths are beneficial for good sleep when there is a symptom of insomnia in the diabetic patients. However, sleep is not the only way to rest, refresh spirit by closing eyes or look out the window for a few minutes can both make the patient physically and mentally relaxed.

In the treatment of diabetes, diet, exercise, rest, medication, and monitoring, etc., should be maintained regularly. When it is difficult to live a regular life for some reasons, such as business and meeting, etc., then our diabetic patients must be flexible to grasp all kinds of measures to deal with, combining work with relaxation, and return to the original normal life track as soon as possible. Adhering to a regular life requires diabetic patients’ own perseverance, as well as the support and supervision from their family.

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