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How to deal with trauma by diabetics themselves?

No one can avoid making small incised and scratched wounds in their daily life, diabetes patients can never let down guard of these minor injures, which will also brings great troubles if they are not taken seriously. Because of the problems of vasculopathy and neuropathy, the wounds of some diabetes patients are difficult to be healed, improper handling can lead to serious skin and soft tissue infection, and may even become gangrene. Once there is trauma, it is necessary to take care of by these diabetes patients. Diabetes patients with severe neurological injury complications often do not feel the pain of the wound, which are more likely to be infected.

For small wounds, skin ulcers and blisters, diabetes patients should use disinfectants (e.g. alcohol) to clean the injured area thoroughly, then cover with sterile gauze when dealing with wounds. Avoid the use of strongly stimulated iodine disinfectants, also not use gentian violet and other dark disinfectant, because drug colors may cover early signs of wound infection sometimes. In addition, avoid the use of irritating tape and corn paste, etc., so as not to cause skin ulcer.

If the wound is still not able to heal within 2-3 days after positive treatment, or the condition is further severe and occur infection, manifested as symptoms such as local redness, heat, pain, or showing fester, it should be as soon as possible to the hospital for medical treatment.

For diabetes patients with skin and soft tissue infections, it is essential to control blood glucose, which is an important prerequisite for infection control.

Followed by anti-infection treatment, the application of antibiotics for infection control is very important, strong and effective antibiotics should be selected, and also pay attention to the sufficient dosage and long enough course of treatment. If necessary, surgical operation or incision and drainage should be accepted by surgeons in a timely manner.

In addition to the treatment of the wound, diabetes patients should pay attention to their diet control. The diabetes principle of low calorie diet should not only adhere to, diabetes patients but also eat appropriate foods rich in vitamins and trace elements, such as green vegetables, drink more water, quit alcohol and smoking, do not eat spicy, greasy and other spicy food.

Finally, I suggest that diabetes patients should take the treatment of trauma as a temporary measure, do not feel that there is no problem when the dressing and processing is in place. I hope that diabetes patients can make the correct and reasonable treatment in the case of trauma to delay the development of the disease, and then to visit the hospital for a comprehensive examination to avoid omissions or improper handling. After all, physical health is always the most important, don't be afraid to spend money and take the trouble.

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