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High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure is a silent killer

The hypertension patients are numerous, but about 70% of the patients did not know of her illness, patients who did not feel more dangerous, High blood pressure is a silent killer, 2/3 of people with high blood pressure is closely related to premature death. Prevention and treatment of high blood pressure, something you don't know the truth. In the male which increases with age, blood pressure is rapidly increased. Women after menopause, the blood pressure is almost rapidly increased sharply. Non drug treatment is based, As a doctor, prevention and control of hypertension main goal is to prevent premature death.

Take my own experience for example, one of my friends, now young, Unfortunately, two years ago because of his patients with familial hereditary asymptomatic hypertension, cerebral blood out when play basketball with colleagues, although rescue in time, but the area of the brain hemorrhage is too big, he is still in the hospital in a coma, a happy family, a shadow over from now on. With the improvement of people’s living standards, changes in lifestyle, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, the incidence of these diseases is increasing and age much earlier. Hypertension associated with those factors? How to prevent and treat? Means for self-health management of hypertension? We will use the next several pages to detail hypertension.

There is a phenomenon common in hypertensive patients, awareness is low, that is, she had high blood pressure, but did not know it, this is a very prominent problem. Now 70% of patients with high blood pressure don't know about her illness. Many people with high blood pressure without feeling, at least in half. 60%-70% high blood pressure patients and there is no discomfort. High blood pressure there is a term called the silent killer, or sometimes called the silent killer, meaning you suffer from hypertension, has been for many years, but you do not know, results would begin to speak of the case, he died of complications of high blood pressure. High blood pressure what is the major hazard? The main hazard of high blood pressure is a serious complication of heart, brain and kidney. High blood pressure what is the major hazard? The main hazard of high blood pressure is:  High blood pressure can cause serious complication of heart, brain, kidney and peripheral vessels. As just one example of this is a brain hemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage after doctors found he had high blood pressure for years. He has no symptoms, or have never been measured blood pressure, in an informed State, He was not informed until complications related to high blood pressure, causing health hazards, sudden death, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, myocardial infarction, he realized that I was in patients with essential hypertension.

High blood pressure is easy to ignore, and it has no feeling, this feeling no what is the reason? Of course, we know that there are individual differences, some people are sensitive to elevated blood pressure, We have a different example, some people as long as the blood pressure rise 10-20 millimeters mercury (mmHg) he has obvious feeling, that is blood pressure increased slightly, he had felt, while others exceeded 200 mmHg blood pressure he didn't feel anything.

There is a case, he is a 30 year old engineer IT, he had a sudden death. He has many years of hypertension. High blood pressure is called killer, mainly its serious harm. Now, some 40% people died of cardiovascular diseases, about half of these people die of cardiovascular disease that is caused by high blood pressure. High blood pressure is so our most major health killer.

In the premature deaths of people, more than 2/3 related to high blood pressure. As a doctor of the prevention and treatment of hypertension, target is not a guarantor is not dead, older people will die, our goal is to prevent premature death, to prevent premature death, is the key to prevention of hypertension.

Many people may not understand what is high blood pressure? Actually very simple, just like a water pipe, water flow in pipes, it will inevitably create pressure on the pipe wall, our vessel is the same, you cut blood vessel, blood will flow out, why is blood out, is the pressure inside the vessel is greater than the atmospheric pressure, the level of pressure is the blood pressure values, blood pressure is the measurement of the force of the blood against the walls of your blood vessels When the pressure is higher, when have crack on the blood-vessel wall, blood will flow out, this was the result of stress.

If the pressure is too high, it can damage blood vessel walls and cause blood vessels to rupture. Can withstand the pressure of the vascular wall is mainly determined by the elasticity of the blood vessels, blood vessel walls can bear the pressure of certain scope changes. If the vascular wall elasticity attenuation, especially middle layer, we called the elastic fibers, chronic high blood pressure will make the damage elastic fibers, elastic fiber layer ( middle layer ) becomes thicker, its flexibility is reduced, In the hardening of the blood vessel walls, brittleness increases, or less resilient, once the blood pressure increased further, it will break, especially the rupture occurred in what place, if happened in cerebral blood vessels, once the cerebral hemorrhage, is very dangerous.

In addition blood pressure is closely related with the function of the heart, blood pressure come from? Is the power of the heart, heart contractions squeeze the blood ran into the blood vessels, thus forming the blood pressure, in other words, blood pressure is the force applied against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood through the body. Once high blood pressure does have a relationship with cardiac function, high pressure in the blood vessels, the heart will take the blood pump out doing work, it takes the force is bigger, the result of high blood pressure can lead to hypertension heart disease, that is to say, your long-term high blood pressure, heart had to use a larger force to pump blood, myocardial contraction force will increase, continues for a long time, can lead to myocardial hypertrophy, in addition the more powerful contraction, will further increased the pressure.

High blood pressure can damage blood vessels elastic fibrous layer (middle layer), but also can damage the intima (inner layer), the intimal damage, lipid accumulation in the blood, may be deposited in the vessel wall, forming intimal plaques. So on the one hand high blood pressure causing middle layer damage, on the other hand the inner layer, Atherosclerotic plaque can be formed after inner layer injury,  This plaque may clog blood vessels leading to myocardial infarction or other cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, this is not said in front of broken blood vessels, but blood vessels inside jam. High blood pressure could lead to a broken vessel on one hand, on the one hand may lead to blockages in blood vessels, both is possible.

Now say the symptoms of high blood pressure, high blood pressure, low blood pressure can actually developed symptoms, main show is dizziness, headache, stiff neck, these symptoms are common, Often sufferers said the headaches, you should measure your blood pressure, and not necessarily that he is suffering from high blood pressure, low blood pressure may also have headaches, more common manifestations of abnormal blood pressure are dizziness, headaches, some people felt a stiff neck, this is a common manifestation of hypertension. Best to measure blood pressure do you have these symptoms, best equipped with a blood pressure monitor at home, so as to find it in the early years of the high blood pressure, in order to early treatment.

However, quite a few patients with high blood pressure have no symptoms, why is that? We have an explanation is the adaptability of high blood pressure, blood pressure is gradually rise, slow rise, may take many years, this process of rising slowly, and internal environment change process, a lot of people gradually adapt to the process, so he didn't feel. You will find some blood pressure is more than 200 mmHg for a long time, he didn't feel anything, If he take medicine immediately fall blood pressure, but he felt the body uncomfortable, his blood pressure is normal but not comfortable, he had high blood pressure but no symptoms, this is the body adapt to high blood pressure for long time, So slow growth of the blood pressure often don't feel.

You may ask to have symptoms of high blood pressure is dangerous? or there are no symptoms of high blood pressure is dangerous? the answer is no symptoms of the situation more dangerous, the answer may surprise, I have high blood pressure, I have adapted to it, the body without the symptoms, this is a dangerous thing, but I have high blood pressure, body with symptoms, it's not dangerous. If a persons blood pressure is 150 mmHg, 160 mmHg, he felt, had the symptoms, we can earlier find high blood pressure, in order to timely treatment. Because of the hazards associated with it is the level of blood pressure, If your blood pressure is 180 mmHg for a long time, even more than 200 mmHg, you do not have a feeling, then the harm is very big, in this case, cardiovascular disease, and even sudden death, can happen at any time. The world health organization definition is called sudden death to death within 6 hours of stroke onset, there was a large proportion are closely related to high blood pressure.

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