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High Blood Pressure

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Good Eating Habits to Lower Blood Pressure

Bad Eating Habits that Increase Blood Pressure

Eating too much sugar and sweet food, Drinking too much coffee, Excessive drinking, Eating fast food and processed food frequently, Long-term practice of vegetarianism, these habits will cause an increase in blood pressure.

itemEating Too Much Sugar and Sweet Food

When people with high blood pressure take too much sugar, the system will produce a lot of calories, which will be converted into stored body fat when they are not used as energy timely. Excessive accumulation of fat in the system will lead to fat figure and weight gain. In order to provide blood for the gained weight, the system will raise blood pressure. Moreover, excessive accumulation of fat will increase the level of cholesterol. Excessive cholesterol tends to form deposits in the blood vessel wall, thereby resulting in arteriosclerosis and aggravating high blood pressure. In short, people suffering from high blood pressure should eat less sugar, soda, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, sweet drinks, and food rich in starch.

itemDrinking Too Much Coffee -- Caffeine

Coffee is helpful to enhance mental performance and increase blood pressure. People with high blood pressure should keep limited intake of coffee, especially when they are under great emotional tension, otherwise the blood pressure will be aggravated, because coffee and emotional tension together lead to synergy. People with a family history of high blood pressure, also known as the high-risk population, usually show significant increase in blood pressure after the intake of caffeine. Therefore, it’s not good for people with high blood pressure to drink coffee, especially when they are under emotional tension. People with high blood pressure should avoid drinks with caffeine particularly when they are under huge work pressure.

itemEating Fast Food Frequently -- High Sodium and High-Calories.

People who like eating fast food have a higher risk of high blood pressure than others, because fast food is mostly too salty. After investigation, it’s found that fast food, such as hamburgers, french fries, fried chicken, sandwich, pizza, coke, instant noodles, contain a relatively high level of salt and calories. It is reported that in order to preserve food for a long time, manufacturers usually add a large amount of salt to fast food. Long-term excessive intake of salt will lead to high blood pressure, stroke, coronary heart disease, cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases. Therefore, people with high blood pressure should try not to eat fast food, or control their daily consumption of fast food.

itemEating Processed Food Frequently

Processed food, such as, ham, bacon, sausage, ham sausage, luncheon meat, etc. the processed food contains a relatively high level of salt, which is far beyond the normal need of human system, thus becoming a cause of high blood pressure. Therefore, it is recommended that people with high blood pressure shouldn’t eat too much processed food.

itemLong-Term Practice of Vegetarianism

Nowadays, as people pay increasing attention to health and beauty, vegetarianism becomes popular. Some hypertensive people also become vegetarians. However, from a medical point of view, long-term practice of vegetarianism will cause the imbalance in the ratio of carbohydrate, protein, and fat, abnormal metabolism, a series of complications, this is called metabolic syndrome, the main clinical symptoms were indigestion, memory loss, reduced immunity, endocrine and metabolic disorders, highly possible anemia and cancer. In addition, long-term practice of vegetarianism also causes the decrease in gastric acid and digestive enzymes, which further leads to impaired taste and decreased appetite. Peroxides produced by unsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oil will combine with human proteins to form lipofuscin which will become deposits in organs, this will accelerate aging. Hypertensive people should keep a balanced diet and eat both meat and vegetables and coarse and refined grains. After all, health is foremost.

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