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Diet for high blood pressure and diabetes: diet plan is very important

Diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not produce any insulin or not producing enough insulin, which causes your body to be unable to use and store the sugar in the blood. The diabetes can cause many complications, such as diabetic nephropathy, retinopathy, cataract, etc. High blood pressure everywhere is usually coupled with Diabetes, this will not only makes great damage to the heart and brain blood vessels, but also easy to damage the kidneys, eyes and other organs. Patients with hypertension and diabetes in addition to adhere to rational and effective drug medication, pay attention to reasonable, scientific diabetes and high blood pressure diet plan is also very important. If you don't pay attention to diet for high blood pressure and diabetes, the effect of medication may be diminished.

Diabetes and high blood pressure diet plan:

item Caloric intake should be strictly controlled.

item Eat less food rich in sugar.

item Eating more foods containing dietary fiber, such as Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Broccoli, Carrots,  etc.

item For patients with diabetes and hypertension (High Blood Pressure), sodium intake should be strictly controlled, The daily salt intake should not exceed 3 grams, including seasoning and salt from snacks.

item You should have meals on time every day, a systematic diet plan will help regulate our circadian rhythms. Lay off eating and drinking excessively.

item Eat more foods rich in potassium and calcium.

item It is best to chew carefully and swallow slowly, this will take you longer to eat and thus you are less likely to overeat.

Good food for diabetes and high blood pressure

do's For diet for hypertension and diabetes, milk, meat, eggs, fish and so on are an excellent source of protein, we recommend that intake of high-quality protein accounted for about 50%.

do's For food for diabetic and high blood pressure, you should choose grains that do not easily raise blood sugar as a staple food, such as whole wheat flour, buckwheat, oats, corn, etc. You should eat less food with high starch content, such as Potato, Sweet potato, yam, etc.

do's Glucose in urine should not exceed 3 +, fasting blood glucose should not exceed 12 mmol/L, and patients without ketoacidosis can eat a small amount of low-sugar fruits and vegetables.

Foods to avoid with diabetes and high blood pressure:

dont's Do not eat fat and high fat foods. Eat less egg yolk, animal skin and liver and other high cholesterol food.

dont's For hypertension and diabetes patients, should eat less dessert, cake, candy, melon seeds, peanuts and so on, these foods contain a certain amount of carbohydrate and higher fat content.

dont's Dinner should not be too late. Because too late dinner, going to bed soon after dinner and lack of appropriate activities may lead to delayed consuming of the calories in food, causing fat storage in the body and weight gain.

To facilitate the implementation of the diabetes and high blood pressure diet plan, here is a food list for diabetes and high blood pressure.

Foods for high blood pressure and diabetes:

do's Best food for diabetes and high blood pressure

item Diabetes high blood pressure diet that you can eat in moderation

dont's Foods to avoid with diabetes and high blood pressure

If you carry out this diabetes and high blood pressure diet plan carefully, your condition will be greatly improved.

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