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Diet for high blood pressure and coronary heart disease:Calorie and protein intake should not be too high.

Food for high blood pressure and uric acid (gout): Restrict intake of high-purine and high-sodium food

High uric acid (hyperuricemia) is also called gout. With the improvement of living standards, changes in diet, high purine foods intake increasing, gout prevalence rate increased gradually. If high blood pressure patients find a slight elevation in the level of uric acid, they can adjust their diets to reduce the intake of purine, thereby lowering the level of uric acid. High blood pressure patients with moderately elevated uric acid need to control diets and receive medication. High blood pressure and uric acid patients should pay attention to their foods. Scientific and reasonable diets can help relieve symptoms and prevent recurrence, while poor diets will aggravate diseases.

Develop Healthy Eating Habits for high blood pressure and uric acid

item The intake of the amount of purine-containing food should be limited, and animal foods containing relatively high levels of purine should not be consumed frequently.

item Fish should be consumed two or three times a week, because fish are rich in taurine and methionine, which regulate blood pressure by increasing the discharge of the amount of sodium in the urine, thereby lowering the blood pressure. While it should be noted that fish with a low level of purine should be consumed.

item When high blood pressure and high uric acid patients' conditions are in remission, their daily intake of fat should not exceed 50 grams, intake of meat should not exceed 100 grams.

itemYou should drink less broth, fish soup, chicken soup, these foods contain a large amount of purine.

Food for high blood pressure and uric acid: Do's and Dont's

do's Eat more alkaline foods , such as fresh vegetables, fruit, milk, etc. These foods can adjust the urine to slight alkaline, so as to reduce the formation of uric acid.

do's Water should be consumed more every day, and the daily urine output had better reach 2500 to 3000 ml, whereby the uric acid can be diluted to lower the level of uric acid, and the urinary sodium excretion can also be accelerated. When the kidney malfunctions, doctors' specific guidance should be used for the consumption of the amount of water.

do's Protein intake should be moderate. Excessive intake of proteins will increase the synthetic amount of purine, and protein metabolism generates nitrogen-containing substances that can cause fluctuations in blood pressure. High-fat pork should be consumed less, and fish with high proteins and low fat can be consumed moderately. Milk and eggs contain little purine, and thus it can be used as the preferred source of proteins.

dont's Alcohol and alcoholic beverages should be avoided. Alcohol may easily result in the accumulation of lactic acid in vivo and inhibits the discharge of uric acid, whereby inducing gout easily.

dont's Eat less chili, pepper, coffee, mustard, ginger and other spices, this could excite your autonomic nervous system, triggering gout.

dont's Eat less high fat and high cholesterol foods, such as egg yolk, crab meat, squid, cuttlefish, butter, cream and so on.

Food for high blood pressure and uric acid: Do's and Dont's

do's Best food for high blood pressure and uric acid

item Foods that you can eat in moderation

dont's Foods that you cannot eat or eat less

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