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Diet for high blood pressure and kidney disease: Limit the intake of protein

Diet for high blood pressure and stroke: High potassium diet can prevent stroke

Stroke is divided into hemorrhagic stroke and ischemic stroke, both types of strokes can lead to brain injuries of various degrees and at different sites, and subsequently, multiple psychiatric symptoms manifested as dysfunction of one or several body parts. Cerebral stroke, so to speak, represents the main cause for death and disability in patients with high blood pressure ( hypertension) and it seriously threats patients’ safety. Therefore, special requirements are needed in diets to distinguish from other high blood pressure ( hypertension) complications.

Develop Healthy Eating Habits for high blood pressure and stroke

item Control your calorie intake, so as to keep a ideal body weight.

item Patients with normal swallowing function must consume food that is soft, mashed and easy to chew.

item For patients with difficulties in intake of food, give patients plenty of liquids or semi-liquid food, their families had better prepare diet recipes under the guidance of nutritionists, otherwise patients are prone to malnutrition.

item Patients should not eat too much spicy food, such as chili, ginger, garlic, etc.

item Eating lightly, eat less high salt, high fat food.

Diet for high blood pressure and stroke: Do's and Dont's

do's Often eat fresh vegetables and fruits, because it is rich in potassium, can reduce the risk of stroke, can prevent the recurrence of stroke.

do's Often eat tomatoes, onions and other foods rich in flavonoids and lycopene, which has a positive effect to prevent vascular stenosis and blood clots blocking the cerebral blood vessels.

do's I often hear people ask this question: Is chicken good for high blood pressure? Yes, Chicken contains high-quality protein, high-quality protein is good for high blood pressure and stroke, high blood pressure and stroke patients can usually eat high quality protein foods in moderation. You may ask: What meats are good for high blood pressureand and stroke? meat for high blood pressure and stroke include: fish, chicken, duck, rabbit, pigeon meat, etc. The daily protein intake accounts for generally 12% to 15% of the total calories in patients with normal renal and liver function.

dont's Don't eat too much sweet food, it's not good for your health, excess sugar intake, sugar can be converted into fat in the body, easy to arteriosclerosis.

dont's Limiting fat intake, do not eat too much high fat foods, such as cheese, avocados, butter, fatty fish, fatty meat and so on. For patients with normal digestive function, fat accounted for 20% to 25% of the total caloric intake (per day).

dont's Avoid hard food, large pieces of food, food with bones, etc.

dont's Do not eat high sodium foods, excessive sodium intake is detrimental to the health of patients
with high blood pressure and stroke.

Foods for high blood pressure and stroke: Do's and Dont's

do's Best foods for high blood pressure and stroke

item Foods that you can eat in moderation

dont's Foods that you cannot eat or eat less

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