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High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure diet for elderly: Limit fat and salt intake, take in enough calcium

Diet for high blood pressure in pregnancy

Gestational hypertension is also called high blood pressure in pregnancy, generally occurs at 5 months after pregnancy and it is characterized by high blood pressure, edema, proteinuria, convulsions, coma, heart failure and renal failure, etc. It is particular to and common among pregnant women, and severe gestational hypertension can endanger the lives of fetuses and mothers. Patients need to control their daily intake of food, your should adjust their amount of food intake with the normal weight gain during pregnancy as the criteria.

Develop Healthy Eating Habits for High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

item Patients need to control their daily intake of food. Do not eat immoderately with the philosophy that food should be taken as long as they are nutritional. They should adjust their amount of food intake with the normal weight gain during pregnancy as the criteria.

item Salt restriction, Salt intake should be strictly controlled, the daily salt intake should not exceed 5 grams ( about 2000 milligrams of sodium), including seasoning and salt from snacks, if severe edema and too little amount of urine occur, salt-free diets can be adopted.

item Limit water intake, the daily water intake should not exceed 1000 milliliter (About 4 cups of water).

item Patients need to supplement proteins that are lost from the urine. Dietary Reference Intake: 1.3 grams of Protein per kilogram of body weight every day, or 0.6 grams of Protein per pound of body weight. For example, a pregnant woman who weighs 130 pounds needs at least 78 grams of protein each day.

item Avoid food high in oxalate, such as spinach, strawberry, beet, celery and so on, so as not to increase the burden of kidney.

item Often eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C.

item Often eat foods that has a diuretic function, such as wax gourd, watermelon, etc.

item Eat foods that are rich in dietary fiber in moderation, in order to promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

BMI before pregnancy Shape Weight gain (10 months pregnant)
< 18.5 Underweight 29 - 42 lbs
18.5-25 Normal  26 - 37 lbs
25-30 Overweight 17 - 26 lbs
>30 Obese  13 - 15 lbs

Body mass index (BMI). It is defined as a person's weight divided by the square of his height:
English BMI Formula:
BMI = (Weight in Pounds / (Height in inches x Height in inches )) x 703
Metric BMI Formula:
BMI = (Weight in Kilograms / ( Height in Meters x Height in Meters ))

Diet for High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy: Do's and Dont's

do's Regular examinations:
Patients need to pay attention to the health of fetuses by having their blood pressure measured often (once a week) and undergoing examinations. Measurement of blood pressure should be performed in the first trimester of pregnancy as the basic blood pressure during pregnancy. After that, pregnant women should undergo examinations regularly, especially after 36 weeks since pregnancy. They should observe the changes in blood pressure and weight every week and whether they have such subjective symptoms as proteinuria and dizziness.

do's Strengthen nutrition and have good rest:
Nutrition in the middle and late stage of pregnancy should be enhanced, especially the supplementation of proteins, vitamin, folic acid and iron. The daily intake of vegetables and fruits should be more than 500 g and 200 to 400 g, respectively.Their diets should include both multiple vegetables and fruits. Besides, fresh tender corns should be consumed at 2 to 3 times a week, with 1 for each time, which can mitigate constipation. Increase dietary fiber intake, lower blood lipids. In addition, added a variety of vitamins and minerals is useful for preventing high blood pressure in pregnancy.

dont's Cut down on animal fats, vegetable oil can be used for cooking instead of animal oil. The intake of cooking oil should be 20 ml per day.

dont's Eat less spicy foods and flavouring: such as chili, pepper, coffee, mustard, ginger and other spices.

dont's Your should eat less high-calorie food, such as candy, snacks, sweet drinks, fried foods and high fat foods.

dont's For pregnant women with high blood before pregnancy, should avoid eating high cholesterol foods, such as roe, squid, sweetbread, etc.

Foods for High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy: Do's and Dont's

do's Best foods for High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

dont's Foods that you cannot eat or eat less

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