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High Blood Pressure

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Crab: Contain a lot of cholesterol

Garlic can maintain the blood pressure in a steady level
Garlic can maintain the blood pressure in a steady level

Keywords for lowering blood pressure

The daily recommended amount:
Eat 15 to 20 grams of Garlic every day

Calories in Garlic (Per 100g)

Calories: 126kcals
Sodium: 20mg
Fat: 0.2g
Protein: 4.5g
Carbs: 27.6g

Principle of lowering blood pressure:
Garlic contains allicin can reduce the level of fat in the liver and serum, thereby lowering blood pressure; Garlic contains selenium, it can prevent the aggregation of blood platelets, help to stabilize blood pressure.

Have a therapeutic effect on hypertension complications:

Modern research has found that garlic possesses serious pharmacological effects such as anti-cancer, anti-atherosclerosis, lower blood pressure, reduce blood fat and blood sugar, prevents thrombosis and ischemic stroke, antimicrobial, antifungal and improve human immunity.

Best food match:
Garlic and lean meat
Garlic served with lean meat, which extend the residence time of vitamin B1 in the human body, this can eliminate fatigue and enhance physique.

Garlic and soybean

Garlic served with soybean, which can improve carbohydrate metabolism and promote absorption and utilization of glucose.

Do's and Dont's:
Right Cancer patient
right People with low immunity
right Patient with high blood pressure, high blood lipid, arteriosclerosis
wrong Gastric ulcer patients

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