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High Blood Pressure

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right Oat: Reduce the content of sodium in the body, auxiliary lowering blood pressure

Millet inhibit the contraction of the vascular, thus plays the role of lowering blood pressure

Millet inhibit the contraction of the vascular, thus plays the role of lowering blood pressure

Keywords for lowering blood pressure

The daily recommended amount:
Eat 50 to 60 grams of Millet every day

Calories in Millet (Per 100g)

Calories: 358kcals
Sodium: 4.3mg
Fat: 3.1g
Protein: 9g
Carbs: 75g

Principle of lowering blood pressure:
Millet contains dietary fiber, B vitamins, calcium, nicotinic acid and other nutrients, can play a role in inhibiting vascular contraction, lowering blood pressure. In addition, millet, especially good for those who has poor digestive system, difficult urination.

Have a therapeutic effect on hypertension complications:

Millet contains vitamin B1, has the function of maintaining normal glucose metabolism and nerve conduction, can maintain microvascular health, avoid high blood sugar caused renal cell metabolic disorders, thereby preventing renal disease and microvascular complications.

Best food match:
millet and meat
Millet contains amino acid is not complete, it is lack of lysine, because the lack of lysine in a human being can cause weight loss and incomplete growth of bones, and the deficient assimilation of other amino acids. But the amino acids in meat contains a large number of lysine. Therefore, millet served with meat, can be able to fill the gap.

Do's and Dont's:
Right Patients who is indigestion.
Right Patients with high blood pressure, high blood lipid, diabetes.

Recipe for lowering blood pressure
item Millet porridge with pumpkin (for one person)
Millet porridge with pumpkin

Ingredients: 60 grams of Millet,150 grams of pumpkin, a small amount of sugar.


  1. Wash and rinse your pumpkin, cut the pumpkin in half with a knife, peel the pumpkin, scoop out the stringy innards of the pumpkin along with the seeds, Cut the pumpkin into small pieces
  2. Wash and rinse your millet under cool running water to remove dirt and debris.
  3. Prepare a saucepan, add water to saucepan, then add pumpkin and millet to the saucepan.
  4. Boil the water in the saucepan, then turn the heat to low and cook for 20 to 30 minutes.
  5. Pour your Millet porridge with pumpkin in a bowl, season with sugar and other seasoning. Finished!


Calories Protein Fat Sodium
428kcals 11g 3g 32mg

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right Buckwheat: Inhibit the substance that causes an increase in blood pressure

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