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Is skimmed milk good for high blood pressure?

Skimmed milk: Maintain the blood pressure in a steady level


Is skimmed milk good for high blood pressure? Yes, Skimmed milk can help maintain your blood pressure in a steady level.

Keywords for skimmed milk is good for high blood pressure

The daily recommended amount:
Eat 500 to 600 ml of Skimmed milk every day

Calories in Skimmed milk (Per 100g)

Calories: 57kcals
Sodium: 28mg
Fat: 0.4g
Protein: 3.3g
Carbs: 10g

Principle for skimmed milk is good for high blood pressure:

Studies have shown that middleaged and old people who favor skimmed milk may have lower blood pressure than others their age, because skimmed milk is rich in calcium, the calcium intake and blood pressure is inversely proportional to, with the increase in calcium intake, blood pressure will be reduced accordingly. Conversely, when reducing calcium intake, blood pressure will rise. Therefore, patients with hypertension (high blood pressure) should often drink milk, which helps to maintain blood pressure stability, skimmed milk is good for high blood pressure.

Have a therapeutic effect on high blood pressure complications:

Skim milk contains magnesium can prevent arteriosclerosis and protect the heart and cerebral vascular system. In addition, skim milk also contains a large number of high quality protein.

Best food match:
milk and honey
Milk and honey are rich in minerals, milk contains a lot of high quality protein, honey is a kind of invigorant which is rich in a lot of nutrition, so milk served with honey is more nutritious.

Milk and tomato
Milk can improve skin elasticity and play a role for beauty and skin care, served with tomatoes that are rich in Vitamin C, the effect is better.

Do's and Dont's:
Right People who suffer from insomnia
Right Osteoporosis patients
right Patient with high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis
wrong Patients with renal function insufficiency

Recipe for skimmed milk lowering blood pressure

item Milk and Bok Choy Juice (for one person)
Milk and Bok Choy Juice

Ingredients: 250 ml of Skimmed milk, 150 grams of Bok Choy, 1 teaspoon of honey.


  1. Wash and rinse your Bok Choy, cut it into segments.
  2. Prepare a juicer. Make sure it's clean and sanitized before you use, Put bok choy into the juicer, then add skimmed milk. After stirring, pour your Milk and Bok Choy Juice into a cup, add honey and mix well.


Calories Protein Fat Sodium
172kcals 10g 8g 171mg

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