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High Blood Pressure

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right Walnuts: Rich in Omega-3s, can relieve mental pressure and lower blood pressure

Vinegar can dilate blood vessels and soften blood vessel

Vinegar can dilate blood vessels and soften blood vessel

Keywords for lowering blood pressure

The daily recommended amount:
Eat 30 to 40 ml of Vinegar every day

Calories in Vinegar (Per 100g)

Calories: 31kcals
Sodium: 262mg
Fat: 0.3g
Protein: 2.1g
Carbs: 4.9g

Principle of lowering blood pressure:
Vinegar is rich in potassium, can help the body to excrete excess sodium, there is the role of prevention of hypertension (high blood pressure); Studies show that acetic acid, the main component of vinegar, helps lower blood pressure, dilate blood vessels and soften blood vessel.

Have a therapeutic effect on hypertension complications:

Vinegar contain acetic acid, which speeds at which your body burns fat, inhibit cholesterol synthesis, helps to maintain vascular elasticity, increase the cholesterol excretion. Therefore, vinegar can prevent high blood fat, high cholesterol.

Best food match:
vinegar and potatoes
Potatoes are rich in nutrients, but potato bud contains trace amounts of solanine, solanine is a toxic substance, yet vinegar can break down the toxic substance.

Do's and Dont's:
Right Menstruation discomfort
Right Nervous dermatitis patients
right Patient with high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, high blood lipid, high cholesterol
wrong Patients with gastric ulcer

How to eat:
When making a salad, you can add more vinegar, which will not only increase the flavor of salad, but also reduce the amount of salt used, so as to lower blood pressure.

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right Skimmed milk: Maintain the blood pressure in a steady level

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