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High Blood Pressure

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Lifestyle intervention: Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Misunderstandings about the use of drugs for high blood pressure

itemIt is unnecessary to take medicine if your body doesn’t show any symptoms, such as dizziness or headache.

More than half of the patients do not have obvious symptoms. Medication for high blood pressure is aimed at treating elevation of blood pressure and avoiding and mitigating the injury of elevated blood pressure to blood vessels instead of reducing and eliminating your symptoms. Therefore, the value of blood pressure, not symptoms, should be viewed as the standard in the treatment of high blood pressure.

itemIt is unnecessary to take medicine if your blood pressure is in the normal range.

You do not take medicine when your blood pressure is in the normal range, and you take medicine when your blood pressure is elevated, and you stop taking it when your blood pressure is decreased. And then your blood pressure is elevated again and you turn to medicine. Such a human-caused huge fluctuation in blood pressure will injure your blood vessels. Technically, it is a preventive medicine used when your blood pressure is in the normal range for prevention of elevations in blood pressure. Therefore, even if your blood pressure is in the normal range after treatment, you should continue to take medicine on time.

itemHypotensive drugs are used to treat high blood pressure

To put it bluntly, up to now No medicine can cure high blood pressure, the hypotensive drugs are not used to treat hypertension, but to lower the elevated blood pressure, thus keeping your blood pressure within the normal range, avoiding and mitigating the injury of elevated blood pressure to target organ (such as Heart, brain, kidney and so no).

itemHypotensive drugs are considered to have side effects and drug resistance.

There is no such thing as drug resistance as per hypertension. For the majority of patients, the side effects of drugs are mild and even there are no side effects. For whether there are side effects arising from high blood pressure drugs, you should learn to observe after medication, and you should consult with doctors for replacing the drugs with others if there are side effects. Drugs with good long-term effects in blood pressure control and no side effects are what we should choose.

itemFollowing other patients in taking medicine.

There are hundreds of types of hypotensive drugs, and there are many new drugs released every year. 
High blood pressure patients may think that whether or not they should change their medicines since patients with high blood pressure around them have good efficacy when using some hypotensive medicine, and that whether or not they should have a try when new hypotensive drugs are released. Such thoughts are wrong because medicines suitable for others may not be suitable for you. Patients with high blood pressure should stick to the long-term use of medicines that are very efficacious and that have no side effects, and do not change them at random. There is no best hypotensive drug for you, only the most suitable for yourself.

itemTurning to another medicines if there is no efficacy in a short time

Many high blood pressure patients think that the hypotensive effects are not satisfactory after using it for several days and turn to another medicine. Hypotensive drugs cannot cure you completely. Once you take hypotensive drugs and your blood pressure is normal, you begin to think that they are efficacious drugs and that the doctors are brilliant. Truly brilliant doctors will make medication plans for you by combining you as an individual and the type of fluctuations of your blood pressure. In fact, lowering blood pressure stably and slowly is stressed in treating hypertension, and lowering blood pressure quickly will result in a large fluctuation in your blood pressure, which is not conducive to the health of your blood vessels. For example one patient had suffered from hypertension for many years, with his blood pressure over 180 mmHg. He took medicine at a small dose firstly, and then the medicine was gradually increased to the maximum dose. It took about 3-6 weeks to adjust his blood pressure to the normal range, as it is right and good to do.

itemPaying no attention to non-drug therapy

Many high blood pressure patients think that they do not need to pay attention to changing their lifestyles since they take medicine. In fact, non-drug therapy is the basis. High blood pressure is a life style disease. essentially, treating high blood pressure is improving living habits and eliminating the risk factors that lead to high blood pressure, then, high blood pressure will be relieved naturally and even cured. Not eliminating the factors leading to the occurrence of hypertension and only relying on drugs to control blood pressure may result in an increasing difficulty to control blood pressure and an increase in drug use, and even refractory hypertension.

Metformin was diabetic patients often take, it has some antihypertensive effect, If metformin and blood pressure medication use at the same time, blood pressure may have a certain degree of decline, but not too much. You should pay more attention to the observation after taking the medicine. Because of certain diseases, you take other drugs, it is recommended to pay more attention to the changes in blood pressure.

Recommend hypertensive patients taking aspirin
Aspirin does not have an effect on blood pressure, it does not reduce blood pressure.
In the case of normal blood pressure, can take aspirin. Patients with high blood pressure have a common complication-- Cerebral hemorrhage, due to increased blood pressure, leading to cerebral hemorrhage, you take aspirin will be unable to make blood clotting, at this time the situation is very dangerous, there will be a very serious consequences.

Missed doses
If it is deliberately not to take medication, we must criticize him.
Hypertensive patients should have regular medication, If you take medicine when your blood pressure is high, after taking the medicine, your blood pressure is normal, then you do not take medicine, blood pressure rose again. Human caused blood pressure fluctuations, it is easier to damage the blood vessels, more likely to cause atherosclerosis.

Forget or repeat medication
As some of the elderly poor memory, and often forget or repeat medication.
How to solve the problem?
With the help of the plastic pill boxes

pill boxes
Buy a plastic pill box, pill box marked from Monday to Sunday on drug use, you put the medicine distribution and put it into the box, as long as you open your pill box, see the drug in it, it shows that you did not take; If the pill box is empty, prove that you have already been taking the drug. This is the most secure way. Otherwise, forget medication is harmful, and repeat medication is also harmful.

Patients with hypertension are afraid to take medicine is wrong, But only rely on drugs to control blood pressure is also not accurate, for the treatment of high blood pressure should take comprehensive measures. High blood pressure medication's goal is to keep your blood pressure in the normal range. If you can take a non drug way to keep your blood pressure to normal control, so you won't have to take medication. For example, lifestyle intervention. Our goal is to control the blood pressure to normal. As long as the blood pressure to normal, what method you use we are acceptable.

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