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High Blood Pressure

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Management of hypertension in the elderly

High blood pressure (hypertension) is an important risk factor for deaths of elderly people, and it must be taken seriously. Antihypertensive drugs should be taken in time for those to whom such drugs are necessary, whereas blood pressure being decreased to too low levels or too fast should be prevented at the same time. The definition of the target blood pressure must be based on the principle of individualization.

generally speaking, for the people over 60 years old, normal systolic blood pressure can be extended to 150 mmHg. Diastolic blood pressure is still 90 mmHg. Blood pressure goals is 150/90 mmHg. If the Elderly hypertensive patients with diabetes or chronic kidney disease, Blood pressure goals is 140/90 mmHg.

Blood pressure goals for elderly without diabetes or chronic kidney disease:
130/70 mmHg < blood pressure < 150/90 mmHg, Pulse pressur (SBP-DBP) < 70 mmHg
Treatment plan for elderly patients with hypertension

BP (mmHg)


140 - 160,  90 - 99

Lifestyle interventions

>=160,  >=100

Lifestyle interventions, Medication

Hypertension is a common and frequently-occurring disease of elderly people. In clinical practice, Elderly hypertension generally has the following characteristics:

These features increase the difficulty in treating Hypertension in elderly patients. Then what will matter for the patient in the treatment?

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