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High Blood Pressure

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Control of Blood Pressure within the Normal Range

Methods of stabilizing mental status for patients with high blood pressure

Tension and anger causes your blood pressure to rise, if things go on like this, elevated blood pressure will damage your blood vessels. Therefore patients with high blood pressure should maintain emotional stability.

Avoiding too much mental stress.

If the patient is able to commence drug treatment, in the meantime, avoid too heavy psychological burden, change the lifestyle and do some self-comfort, the condition is controllable and there will also be fewer complications.

Getting rid of nervousness.

A change of patient's mood may often cause some fluctuation of blood pressure. While do some handwork such as knitting, carving or painting can stabilize the mood. It is also good for stabilizing and controlling the disease. Furthermore, when meeting a dissatisfied person or thing, one should avoid straight conflict. Instead, please try to look at the bright side of things. And also remember not to lose your temper or send yourself into a sulk. One should also cultivate a variety of interests, wear a smile often and be optimistic and relaxed.

Correcting the suspicion psychology.

Do not always focus your attention on the disease: being oversensitive when feeling just a little bit discomfort and thus, suspect if the blood pressure is high or if there occurs a complication, being worried and apprehensive all the time. For the patients with elevated blood pressure, stabilizing the mental status is the key to stabilizing the blood pressure.

Methods of stabilizing mental status.

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