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High Blood Pressure

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What should patients with high blood pressure pay attention to when they take a shower?

What should patients with high blood pressure pay attention to when they are traveling?

Before traveling, patients with high blood pressure should undergo physical examinations. If they are found to have a significantly elevated blood pressure or significant fluctuations with concomitant recurrent angina, or heart insufficiency complicated with severe arrhythmia, they should cancel their travel plans.

Patients with high blood pressure should be accompanied when they travel, and bring with them necessary hypotensive drugs.

If patients travel from warm places to cold places, they can increase the amount of hypotensive drugs properly because the stimulation of cold weather will cause blood vessels to constrict and thus leading to elevated blood pressure. On the contrary, if patientswith high blood pressure travel from cold places to hot places, they can reduce the dose of hypotensive drugs.

Overfatigue should be prevented during travels. They had better choose to travel by plane because planes are stable, with comfortable seats and a fast speed.

High blood pressure patients with motion sickness symptoms should not eat too much before taking the vehicles. They can take drugs against motion sickness half an hour before they start to avoid motion sickness, which is because motion sickness-induced symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, can elevate blood pressure.

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What should patients with high blood pressure pay attention to when they are driving?

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