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High Blood Pressure

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What should patients with high blood pressure pay attention to when they are driving?

How should patients with high blood pressure have sex properly?

Patients with mild hypertension (140 < SBP < 160 mmHg or 90 < DBP < 100 mmHg)
Although their blood pressure may increase sometimes, it can be decreased to the normal level or to be close to the normal level and they are not complicated by cardiac, cerebral and renal disorders, etc. These types of patients can have sex as normal people do.

Patients with moderate hypertension (160 <SBP < 180 mmHg or 100 < DBP < 110 mmHg)
The blood pressure of patients with moderate hypertension is relatively stable and will not decrease, and they manifest mild cardiac, cerebral and renal complications, etc. Therefore, they must have sex moderately under the protection of medicine.

Patients with severe hypertension (SBP > 180 mmHg or DBP > 110 mmHg)
Patients with severe hypertension show significant headache, chest tightness, precordial discomfort, renal failure and other complications, and sexual life may induce cardiocerebrovascular accidents. Therefore, they should suspend sexual life and consult with doctors about whether they can resume sexual life after drug treatment.

Patients with high blood pressure should do the following things before sexual life.

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How should patients with high blood pressure guarantee the quality of their sleep?

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