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High Blood Pressure

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How should patients with high blood pressure have sex properly?

How should patients with high blood pressure guarantee the quality of their sleep?

Patients with high blood pressure should keep early hours and develop regular living habits. Ensure adequate rest, sleeping time may be controlled between 7-8 hours, adequate sleeping time is good for the control of blood pressure the next day.

Before sleep, patients should avoid agitation, noisy environment, excessive food and drinking consumption, smoking, drinking coffee and eating chocolates, and these factors will affect the time to fall asleep and the soundness of the sleep.

Patients with high blood pressure should try not to drink before going to sleep because drinking water before going to bed will increase the amount of urine and fill the bladder at night, thus causing elevated blood pressure.

A warm bath before going to bed, soaking feet in warm water and drinking a cup of hot milk are conducive to sleep.

Patients with high blood pressure should not share one bed with their kids at night, because kids and adults have different sleeping habits and the latter often worry about their kids' sleep, which will affect their own sleep.

Patients' beds should be placed in the north-south direction, which enables the direction of the magnetic field of their bodies to be in parallel to that of the earth and thus makes their sleep more smooth.

Patients with high blood pressure should not lie against the wind because the stimulation of cold air can cause the blood vessels to constrict and elevate blood pressure.

Patients with hypertension had better choose to lie on the right side so as to reduce the squeeze on the heart.

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Which dangerous actions should people with high blood pressure try to avoid?

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