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High Blood Pressure

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Misunderstandings about the use of drugs for high blood pressure

Should patients take hypotensive before their return visits to doctor?

Many people often stop taking medicine before seeing doctors, whereas this is a misunderstanding.
A people with high blood pressure, you already know that you are a high blood pressure, you stop the medicine, go to the doctor, what is your purpose? What can the doctor do for you? The doctor can't solve anything, even the doctor will mislead you. Why? because you don't take medicine, your blood pressure is up. If the doctor is not careful, measure your blood pressure and find your blood pressure is high. The doctor told you that you should increase the dosage and take more medicine, which may lead to over treatment. In fact, the essence is that you have misled the doctor. Therefore, You should visit a doctor while sticking to the normal medication, and you do not need to visit the doctor if you forget to take medicine today.

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